The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, as a texture artist

Today is a very big date as the game that I contributed back in 2014~2015 is released today and I can finally disclose that I worked on Zelda, Twilight Princess HD as a re-texturer and environment modeller at Tantalus

For the full featured and detailed trailer, click here:

It has been a fantastic experience, and very unique workflow as well on how to re-create texture that already exist, and also on how to improve a game that was highly acclaimed back in 2006. I worked mainly on recreating the textures for the temples and enlarging the textures with a fantastic team of texture artists. Mainly did work for Arbiter’s Grounds with Dylan Beazley. I also re-made textures for Temple of Time, City in the Sky, Twilight Palace, Re-skinned some of the props such as the Compass and Weapons, And cleaning and up-rezed a lof of the characters, enemies and bosses.

The following screenshots contain my texture work:

This are captured from the trailer.


Worked on the engravings and alphas


Worked on floor and wall textures


Worked on the engraving and wall textures


Re textured the flying enemy (Shadow Carrior)


Re-textured the boar


Re-textured the Wheel and centre piece



These are all game screenshots. And the work I did, I did not do the original textures (as they were from the 2006 game) Some of the textures were incredibly small to fit in a gamecube disk. So a lot of love went into it 🙂

Published on: 5 March 2016
Posted by: Paco Casares