The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

Paco Casares





Re-texture in HD, Texture Artist for Tantalus – Nintendo. All rights reserved to Nintendo. All these screenshots contain work that I have enchanced. I worked mainly on recreating the textures for the temples and enlarging the textures with a fantastic team of texture artists. Mainly did work for Arbiter’s Grounds with Dylan Beazley. Followed by the Time Temple, Temple in the Sky, and a number of characters, Enemies and Hero Items/Objects. All images here are based on in game screenshots.

  • Retexturing assets from 2007 for the Wii U
  • Retexturing enemies and Characters
  • Retexturing Hero Items and Objects
  • Readjusting UVs in Environments
  • Building HandMade AO geometry and Sand Features
  • Adding extra geometry in areas and objects