Phonograph ~ Dejatu

Paco Casares

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Substance Painter



One of the First test objects to test Joshua’s Shader. I wanted to try an object that had rubber, Metal, and Wood and experiment with a high volume of the surface at an acute angle at what different colours could I experiment with having a very varied Lit and Unlit textures. In the end, I was satisfied with the variety I can achieve art wise in Dejatu. Shader created by Joshua Reason. Game art for Dejatu (aka Time Frame)

  • Discussion on how we can transfer 1920 Poster Artstyle into our game
  • Define Shader in Unity until Desired Result
  • Model Base pieces for High Poly
  • Refine Pieces in High Poly
  • Retopologicing Low Poly for Game Engine
  • Creating Uvs
  • Create Bakes in Substance Painter
  • Texturing Lit and Unlit in Substane Painter with Gradient Map
  • Place and introduce in Game Engine