New Brushes, and Links to Video Tutorials

I have played with Zbrush for the last couple of days. I thought that the idea of being constrained of just making things for a purpose failed at learning new possibilities with Zbrush, so I have dedicated today and yesterday in experimenting.


A mix between the known ZBrush UI and custom introduced brushes from both MAH and ORB.

I watched carefully ORB’s tutorial several times to learn to produce some of his brushes, and while I was observing in his video, I have also fallen in love with his interface.

After a bit of looking around, I also found that pointpusher uses a similar interface layout.
I followed this tutorial and made my own interface by looking screenshots. Now I can spend less time looking for buttons and playing with the menus.

I also learned that by pressing any button, while holding ALT, it will open the menu tray right in front of you for your needs!

I have not only reorganized my interface to fill my needs as a learning Environment Sculptor, learned why ORB’s interface works so well, learned some tips and techniques by the buttons he has on his interface, but also learned of some new brushes to play with and experiment from the video he has shared.

I certainly recommend checking MAH brushes. They are very useful and fun to play with.

MAH Brushes

Use of the MAH Brushes on a sphere

Experimenting only using MAH Brushes on a Sphere. Many thanks to Michael Angelo Hernandez

I will check out this video later, looks well interesting to learn a couple of new shortcut keys.

And last, I will be dropping some time soon my saved UI, Brushes, UI Colours and Alphas so its available to me and some of you 🙂
I shall do that when I am 100% confident that it’s a UI setup that works well.

Oh, and last tip!
If you are new to zBrush or have not checked this out yet, do so! MRGBZGrabber is in my opinion the key into making fantastic Zbrush brushes! The way it works, it transfers height values of a still shot (hence why it asks to switch the view into pixols) and converts the dragged box into an alpha.

Say, as an example, you want to make cracked glass, for an stone inscription of a kind to be able to repeat often. This may be obvious for some of you guys, for me it was super to find this out.



Published on: 19 February 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares