Long Barrel Silencer Revolver

Paco Casares

3ds max
3ds Max
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Substance Painter

A gun equipped with a laser to kill with high precision while only having six bullets. The gun is a marriage of a Revolver and a Silent Gun while sporting a over the top long barrel. The design carries a design that combines elements of the cowboy era with touches of a silent assassin’s gun. The gun was created for a character in a game universe that we have been working for some time, and I would like to show soon his design on ArtStation: The Sharpshooter.

  • Coming up with a Concept Art
  • Creating high Poly Elements
  • Retopologicing Low Poly for Game Engine
  • Creating Uvs
  • Creating Bakes such as AO, Curvature and Normals in Marmoset
  • Texturing Lit and Unlit in Substane Painter with Gradient Map