Environment Sketchpost Feb 2013

I am currently following the Monthly Noob Challenge on Polycount. I am learning tricks here and there and I have learned a number of things!

I am building a environment portfolio and self teaching in 3ds max, UDK, zbrush and topogun, and a better workflow.

I wanted to upload images of work that I have done so far in the last 10 days.

My aim is to at least make high poly baked assets for games, at least the walls, floor and pillars by the end of this month.

Ideally is to also have the door, statues and plants/trunks inserted as well.

Production stages would be ideal! My plan is, if I do not finish this by the end of the month, currently I am learning new zbrush tricks and shortcuts to have a faster turnaround with assets.

Polycount Challenge.


Things that I have learned in the past two weeks:


Orb Custom Brushes – Making interesting brushes to give details faster to objects

Vanity Tool for Photoshop – To figure out sizes of probs and objects in concept art

Carapace Epic Tool – To figure out perspective lines in drawings

Environment Sculpting – This is an amazing link to tutorials on how to sculpt environments.

Generic Wall Tutorial – I found this tutorial very helpful! and a very fast workflow to have high poly meshes done quickly.

And of course, this thread is pretty useful too as people are helping out a lot – Polycount Challenge.



Vanity tool in photoshop is a godsend. It has helped me to figure out the sizes of walls and spaces with much bigger ease.


Early stage of the modular piece. I need to make more hard edges to give the stone a more rocky feel


Study, from concept to 3d


These walls are all part of one modular piece


Early stage of modular pieces


Setting modular pieces of UDK and Max units in multiples of 16 with 64 as a high standard


Trying out some new brushes. Here I have modeled this box within 3 minutes by using new freshly made brushes by Orb.


Figuring out what meshes to introduce to zbrush, to maintain a modular design workflow.


Published on: 15 February 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares