Crates, Sofas and more

While I am having a very chilaxing holiday in Spain, I am not wasting my time without learning some fresh stuff 🙂

I have done a crate for experimenting workflow (and I must say, workflow in game assets its everything haha, there is like 5 software’s that I am becoming adjusted in using!)

In all this workflow, I have also had a play around with a new software welcome: UVLayout.  And its great! I recomend it in a heartbeat. Making UVs becomes really visual.

With all this workflow experimenting. I have done few assets (all low poly) for a dinning room. I am itchy to have at least 2 small game environment done by the time I get back to Spain. Time is running short! The first environment is a dinning room with bells and whistles. The other environment its a construction in work (but abandoned) with quarels. Its a university project, but I want to get back, and give it a good clean, and post up some beauty shots.




Published on: 9 July 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares