[four_fifth]I am currently learning at RMIT, doing a program course for Games Graphic Design. I have always been a Jack for all trades. But now that I am coming near to an end with an university course, I want to specialize. I have decided to aim to be an Environment Artist, 2d and 3d, while remaining to be good at many things that I have done.

Currently I am in the stages of building a 2d and 3d portfolio examples of my capacities as a digital 2d and 3d artist while obtaining new skills at learning software, art and design skills.

My website, is a tool for me to share links and works of other talented people that are related to what I want to do.

Then with time  it will also be a door to show progress, ideas that I want to share, and my latest projects.

Synopsis of Paco:
I have been playing games since I can remember, why did my mother by a Super Nintendo when I was seven! Worst Mistake! And then I got a Nintendo 64, the new graphics really got me hooked, but then when I started playing Ocarina of time, things got a whole lot more interesting. How did they build the game? What makes a game, a game? And the art, ah, the better: the more succulent and the more I want to see it. I want to help out to make great art that people can experience in an interactive way, and I want to make thoughtful art that comes along with a great and meaningful game. That is at least my style. I want to put effort and love into what I do. It has taken me for ever to get here. But I can finally taste it. Lets get serious, but in a fun and playful way. Life is too important to be taken seriously.

If you want to learn a little bit about my self, or give me a shout!

Send me an email on Contact  Or follow me on Paco’s Facebook [/four_fifth]