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Retreat FEB 2018

Wanted to give a bump on talking a bit more about what Paco has been going through in the past four or so months.

I have been incredibly busy all for the right reasons! And I wanted to give a summary of different things that I have been working lately:

Since coming back from Spain in 2017 I…

  • Did render compositions for Library State of Victoria
  • Did a VR Road environment for Vic Roads
  • Worked on a VR Interactive Documentary called: A thin black line
  • Worked in an AR project for a Foam and Shaving company
  • Did a fantastic 4 week project making a Xmas AR experience for City of Melbourne
  • Worked on an VR project for A shoe store in Paris
  • Did two experimental AR projects for HM Group
  • Did a virtual table set for Provincial and Plattar
  • Doing an AR Architecture app for Crown Casino
  • And while in between I have done a Game Jam and also worked on my side project with my team on Time Frame

So I must say it has been a beautiful year and I hope I can give out more updates to keep you up to date.

Published on: 20 February 2018
Posted by: Paco Casares