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Physically Based Rendering

As I have been doing a little bit on reading on how to create better Materials, and I was looking for the Tutorial Guide on Material Setup from Marmoset I came up with a more interesting article. PBR, or in english words, Physically Based Rendering will be what seams to be the next (or current) form of preparing texturing in order to make Materials. Old games used just diffuse, then specularity, then normals. A good material is one on how well the textures lie on top of each other, but now the information seems to be adressed diferently with the use of HDR cube maps. I could be wrong hey, I am putting it here so I can have a look at it as well on my spare time.

The people that made Remember Me (a game that I have been playing recently) have put this method in practice on their game, and it looks sensational. In the page there is a video that shows the different phases on diffuse (now called albedo in PBR), specularity colour, roughness and reflection

Check the page for a deep read on how PBR works in Remember Me

I have put together a cheat sheet so I can study later from the article, One in particular (the material values) I found incredibly useful.

Cheat sheet that explains different values of materials with examples

Cheat sheet that explains different values of materials with examples

Source: PBR in Practice

An object that look good in many different light scenarios.

Also, while I am at it, a little update on what I have been doing recently in Zbrush.

A Polycount practice statue

A Polycount practice statue

Published on: 10 April 2014
Posted by: Paco Casares