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Lots of work and not enough play.

In the past weeks, I have been very busy from finishing the last assignments of university in the last semester of my course. Saving up to buy some new equipment and software to keep practising digital sculpting. And working with the team to make new areas and dungeons for God of Blunder.

What are my goals and my plans for the next few months? I do not know, I only know this however: I have a lot to do, and a time limit that I’d like to have it in reach and done. Currently I am working as a  waiter to save money to be able to afford to go on a small trip to Spain, upgrade hardware for my PC (32 or 64 gigs of Ram, a SS hard-drive would rock) and if things work well, and last but not least buy a Cintiq, as by many I have been told it increases productivity by a bunch.

Financial Goals aside, my Portfolio aim is to produce (and with this prove) move environmental work. I would like to upload sketches, ideas and drawings for the next game environments. I may produce 1 Interior cartoony fantasy  highly inspired by the game I am doing the background art for (God of Blunder) and another game environment, exterior, with realistic rocks, trees and the short, inspired by the university project assignment I was doing for Chad Chatterton. I kept the project away from the website because I wanted to give it a polish. I may however, instead of working on the project, it may end up being easier to pick a new exterior topic and smaller in scale to focus on just one image to replicate as a 3d environment.

Also, in the next months I have to work with the team Brontide to make more backgrounds for the Touch Point and Click Adventure Game for the Ipad: God of Blunder.
I am uploading this post to show that I am still around and I have great plans to upload fresh content when things start to kick! I may upload sketches and ideas for the Brontide Logo and concept art ideas from GoB.

Published on: 19 November 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares