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God of Blunder, Preview Shot 3

Recently finished this background! I started a week ago with a 3d Render, and I have done the work with an outline, and then gave detail in. The original work is massive with 4096 pixels wide. This is the biggest I can post up, if you want the sharp crisp version you will have to play the game 😉

Published on: 9 October 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

God of Blunder – Preview Shots 2

I have decided to show full screen of the kitchen as there is a lot missing from the cropped version. I also uploaded a work in progress shot of the Hallway.
My current workflow, to have an interesting and deep perspective feel. I very quickly solid object compose a room using 3d primitives, give some straight colours to some objects and then 3-4 dramatic lights to show where the main lights will show. Then after this I make an outline on top of the 3d Render, and then some detailing. This university project is due in 10 days! and the Hallway is the last background I am doing for the last presentation for university. I may upload another working version and then the finalised version of the Hallway.

Published on: 1 October 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares