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Valve Making movies?

Valve Making movies?

Source Filmmaker

As making games was not enough, Valve seems to have a great talent for making the video Meet the Pyro But at the end of the clip, it shows a logo of something I have never unheard off!
Its time to suss it out. I want to know what the hell is this ūüėÄ more game engines should certainly have this to take¬†advantage¬†of in game assets, why not?
I shall check it out once I have a moment ūüôā

Source Filmmaker Shot

Published on: 28 June 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

Prometheus Concept Art

Prometheus was such a fresh experience, from the beautiful vistas from the very beginning, giving such a resemblance of Baraka, to a stranded and far away land, just like 2001 Space Odyssey.
I enjoyed this movie very much, and it was very calming to see such a movie that was so thoughtful in so many areas. What makes a movie like this stand out! They are a lot of things, but good storyboarding and concept art takes the cake!

If you look to the end of the Page, You shall fine a link to the download of these buggers in high def. Enjoy!
I must say, thank you very much Ridley Scott for that fantastic movie. I Seriously consider watching it again.


Also, for anyone that has seen the movie, some really good theories and thoughts from this guy!:

Published on: 12 June 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

Diablo III 2.5D Assets

Months ago I tried to explain to some friends the smart use of using 2.5 Assets while using an Isometric Camera, but I failed to explain carefully how this would work.

I am glad that a friend of mine actually found this link of GCD (Game Conference Development Talk) by Christian Lichtner.
The way that this works, is by using painted textures (or already prerendered) work, place it in planes, and connect the planes to give the paralax effect.

I may create an environment tech with this in mind (with having the camera set to a dimension)
Great advantages of using this, is giving a painterly feel to the environments while costing very low polygon count.
The disadvantage is however, its only suited for a particular camera angle or for assets that are at a distance or our of reach.
Another disadvantage also, more thought and more time on texture painting. Figuring out what works as a 2.5 asset.
After clicking the link, if you want to skip, click on The Game Canvas Р2.5 Geometry Trees

I do¬†recommend¬†watching the entire talk however ūüôā

The Game Canvas

In this GDC Vault Talk, the Blizzard Artist carefully explains how art with high fidelity can be displayed using low triangulation. A way to remain art un-aged.

The Art of Diablo

Published on: 11 June 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

The Hello World had to die

With the coming years I have created so many bad websites. It all started with when I was a young teenager, and all I wanted to do is make a website that flashes, and makes flare effects and zooming effects just like 2advance websites do. And I did just that. Websites with no real substance and flair. It took me to a great path however. With the passing years I kept on insisting into giving flash to my works, but in order to give good light to my effort the flash lights had to stop and twinkle, it was about making stars shine with the work I do. And so far yet, to reach to the stars it takes way more than just that.

Satelites Contact

For the real substance, flash is not enough, sometimes you need twinkles like stars, and sometimes that its not even enough.

I have attempted many times in creating a portfolio website to show my works, and I kept on failing because I always forgot the most important goal, to show my works and portfolio pieces. Instead I just kept making websites that are heavy, cluttered, flashy and unimportant.

This might be website I actually need to cater, a website that is simple, easy to navigate and straight to the point. To show my thoughts in¬†writing¬†and my progress with steps and studies. This is my first post and my first¬†attempt¬†in making a website that has thought carried within. A post to kill the “Hello World!” that wordpress has when you install it. In the next few days I am going to introduce some pages like my CV and About (thanks to Kane, my friend who corrected the bad English in it)


Kroative, my last portfolio website before, was a website that wrongly focused into being more of a website to show my coding skills than a portfolio website to show my works

With the time I will introduce the work I have been doing lately, mostly 2D and 3D works I have done at university and outside of uni. I want to focus on preparing good portfolio pieces and interesting works. Some will be based from university assignments, others from work I have been doing around, and lastly personal works id like to show.
My biggest goal in this semester break (last semester break from my university course) is to have a good Blog going on, and kick-start and post my work to show to everyone.

Anyway, you really dint have to read this as this is just a filler, and a way of saying that its time start to fill up my Blog with important and¬†thoughtful¬†material ūüôā
Over and Out!
Note: I know my English is bad, but I will be sure to go over everything I write, and learn to write better English as I go along while writing my blog.

Published on: 1 June 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares