Tasmania Interactive Stylised 3D Map

Paco Casares

3ds max

3ds Max

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Substance Painter

Unfold 3D

Unfold 3D


Interactive 3D Map done using Plattar Engine for Mobile and Web.

The Project has 8 mini environments that highlight the diferent locations of Tasmania.

I did most of the work in terms of Art Direction, 3D modeling and Texturing.

I took the opportunity in this project to find methods on extracting vertex data into textures and learning Unfold 3D to use in new upcoming projects.

  • Creating proof of concept and a vision
  • Outlining the map of Tasmania and sculpting the terrain in Zbrush
  • Creating Models in 3Ds max
  • Sculpting elements such as the clouds and terrains with texture painging in Zbrush
  • Vertex Painting of the 3D models in 3dsMax
  • Unfolding UVs in Unfold3D
  • Baking the Vertex painting into texture sheets and paint in Substance Painter
  • Animating the Models in 3Ds Max to move and expand
  • Composing the objects in Unity for Plattar