Paco Casares

Modeller / Texture Artist / Environment Artist

+61 415 209 197


Melbourne, Australia

3D Digital Artist with strong background in AR, VR, prop making, environments and texturing.


A Spanish Melbournian with a upbeat attitude and attention to detail. His real passion is to create worlds that people can discover. I pride myself on delivering quality work, bringing a decade of experience in a variety of projects, and media. Currently in Australia, with a drive to work locally, overseas, or remotely.

  • Texturing
  • PBR Texturing
  • Environment Modeling
  • Environment Design
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Retopology
  • Physically Based Rendering
  • UV Mapping
  • Texture Baking
  • Low-poly Modeling
  • High-poly Modeling
  • Shading
Software Proficiency



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3ds Max



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Substance Painter

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Substance Designer

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Work Experience
City of Melbourne
City of Melbourne
State Library Victoria
State Library Victoria
Metro Australia
Metro Australia
Yarra Trams
Yarra Trams
3ds max
Vic Roads
Zero One
Zero One

Interactive Experiences

Can create the following services:

  • Make a Virtual Reality Experience for a documentary, architecture, game, educational or business aproach
  • Create an engaging Augmented Reality app to engage customers in a public or private space
  • Perform a virtual setting to educate inviduals in University, School or Museum Settings
  • Complete a number required of Assets and/or textures for your project

I can do work for you as a trader for Games, Films and Architecture. If there is a specific asset you require, please contact me and we can arrange an agreement. I can perform the following services:

  • Create 3D Models for Films or Cut scenes
  • Build a Hi-Poly to Low Poly Model to be used for an interactive game
  • Create a diffuse painted stylized object for mobile devices
  • Build low-poly objects for mobile games with a budget of triangles and render batches
  • Create an Environment fit for Unity, Unreal Engine or for Film
  • Create architecture impressions with photography and 3D Placement on set
3D Modeling
  • Low and High Poly Modeling with effective unwrapping.
  • Proficient at Sub Division Modeling.
  • Zbrush for detailing and sculpting high poly details.
  • Skillful at modeling Organic, Mechanical and Industrial objects.
2D Texturing
  • Generating and Creating textures photorealistically or hand painted.
  • Physical Based Texturing or Legacy texturing.
  • Fast Asset Texturing using procedural techniques with Substance Designer and Painter.
  • Lighting, Baking and projection techniques.
  • Retopologizing High Polygonal objects to real time friendly assets.
  • Skilled at creating good edge flow in organic and hard surface models.
  • Skillful at retopology with Organic, Mechanical and Industrial objects.
Concept Artist
  • Concept art for designing landscapes and assets.
  • Great understanding with Form, Shape, Lighting, Perspective and Anatomy.
  • Graphic Design in mind. With great use of color and space.

Under the many different projects that I have performed; flexibility and deliverance are a trade that I’d like to highlight. If you have any further questions on what I can do, please contact me as I might be able to disclose on skills on a project that I have yet need to announce on my website. Contact me at for any further question that you might have.


3D Modeling AR Artist

Architecture AR Project
February 2017 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Environment, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Cleaning, Optimizing

3D Modeling VR Artist for Unreal

Zero One Studio ~ Sports Company
January 2017 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Environment, 3D Modeling, Cleaning, Optimizing

3D Modeling AR Artist for Plattar

Plattar ~ Provincial
December 2017 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Modeling, Optimizing, Texturing for Experimental APP

3D Modeling AR Artist for HM Group

HM Group ~ Cuboids / Coffee Cups
November 2017 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Modeling, Optimizing, Texturing for online Store Features

Art Director and 3D Modeling AR Artist for Mobile

Phoria ~ City of Melbourne
October 2017 | Melbourne, Australia

Concept Art, 3D Environment, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Vertex Painting for 3 Mobile Environments for Snowman Levels ~ Santa’s LiL Helper

3D Modeling AR Modeler for Mobile

Triggar ~ AR KIT
September 2017 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Modeling optimizing, Texturing and Model Optimizing for AR Mobile environment. Men Beauty Product.

3D Modeling VR Artist

VRTOV ~ ABC Documentary
August 2017 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Modeling, Animated UVs and Vertex Painting for a phone VR Samsung Documentary ~ A thin black Line

3D Modeling VR Artist

Snobal~ Vic Roads
July 2017 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Modeling and Texturing for real time urban and road environments in a Virtual Environment Setting

3D Contextual Artist and 2D Architecture visualisation

Urban Circus ~ Yarra Trams, Metro Tunnel, Vic Roads
April 2016 – July 2017 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Modeling and Texturing for off-line and real time urban and architecture environments, Architecture Compositions, Concepts

3D Artist

Goati Outsourcing
April 2015 – April 2016 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Modeling and Texturing for real time environments on a number of projects: 22, Cocovelle, Driving Simulator

3D Environment Artist

Tab Corp
June 2015 – August 2015 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Modeling and Texturing for real time environments in Unreal 4

2D Texture Artist & 3D Modeler – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

October 2014 – February 2015 | Melbourne, Australia

2D Hand painted textures and 3D Modeling

2D Terrain Artist & 3D Modeler

League of Monkeys
December 2013 | Melbourne, Australia

Environment Texturing and Props for Nissan Racing game

3D Artist

Zero One Animation
September 2013 – May 2014 | Melbourne, Australia

Retopology and 3D Max Modeler for Adiddas Shoes

3D Artist

JCG Hart
May 2014 – August 2014 | Melbourne, Australia

3D Interactive artist for interactive architecture displays in AR