Rewind Me

Paco Casares

3ds Max



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Remind Me is a Strategy First person shooter. The goal is to Assassinate/Protect a dictator by traveling into the past and rewriting history. The gameplay allows rewriting actions in a short timeline. Once your time is up, your actions become pre-recorded and your adversary can preview your actions in Observation Mode (play, rewind, and pause) and set reminders. Once Your Adversary starts playing he can strategize to stop you or save previous pre-recordings of his own team.

There will be a short number of classes to choose from but is encouraged to play all of them as they all behave as Chess pieces. Eventually, after a number of turns, A massive number of pre-recordings becomes existent. The abilities of the classes perform time bending operations such as slowing down or fasting elements. Blocking or re-directing projectiles. And saving pre-recording players.

Rewind Me is an indy title by Geomantle. I am the only artist of the team. The rest of the team are: Joshua Reason-Programmer, Jeff Dunn-Sound Composer, and Matthew bernard-Programmer

The project is currently under progress and unfinished. Currently we are looking for sponsors for the project and in the future some help in order to make it into a reality.

  • Modeling and Texturing of environments
  • Creation of individual assets
  • Sculpts
  • UV Unwrapping
  • Setting up and placing assets
  • Project management