Goodies, Tips and Links

Links of Resources, Tutorials, Learning Grounds and Other Artists.

Deliberate Practice:
PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Links
Great polycount forums:
3ds Max Tips:
Great Pinterest Boards to follow for 3D Tips:
Some pretty good CG courses right here, thinking of doing one or two

Notes on Lesperance’s Tuts:

  • Brick wall maker for 3d max (check out)
  • Faster is better and stronger
  • More speed means less control of quality, but speed means making more work faster.
  • You will not be successful if you cannot manage your workflows correctly by eleminating mundane elements.
Topology anatomy and ways to connect them quads and tris
Art portfolio sites:
Zbrush Tutorials
Rock, Brick Generators by AA (For Max 2010)

Great portfolio sites

Videogame Environment Artist –

Jon-Troy Nickel – Character Artist –

Naughty Dog Environment Artist –

343 Environment Modeler – Paul Pepera –

Gun and weapon artist – – Great Site Design and Layout.

Environment Artist –

College University Artist Rhyl Mayes –