Goodies, Tips and Links

Links of Resources, Tutorials, Learning Grounds and Other Artists.

Deliberate Practice:
PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Links
Great polycount forums:
Photoshop Tips:
  • Photoshop Blend Modes
  • Notes on Blends:

    Usually I experiment and I use Multiply, Screen, Overlay and Soft Lights as the main ones, but looking at this and taking notes will be a whole lot better.

    • Overlay uses Screen/multiply roles on grey scale
    • Soft light is similar to Overlay but in a more organic way
    • Hard Line is Linear Dodge/Linear Burn
    • Vivid Light is a blend of Color Dodge and Color Burn
    • Linear Light is a combination of Linear Dodge and Linear Burn
    • Pin Light is a combo of Lighten Blen and Darken Blend
    • Hard Mix is hard to explain, makes invividual channels either black or white, but can be used with Fill Opacity to increase number of colours
    • Take Note for the “Super 8” Blends uses Fill Opacity, these are Color Burn, Linear Burn, Color Dodge, Linear Dodge, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Hard Mix and Difference (Hence why these blend modes are so strong is because 100% of its strenght is used in Fill )
    • Look at the page for more examples
3ds Max Tips:
Great Pinterest Boards to follow for 3D Tips:
Some pretty good CG courses right here, thinking of doing one or two

Notes on Lesperance’s Tuts:

  • Brick wall maker for 3d max (check out)
  • Faster is better and stronger
  • More speed means less control of quality, but speed means making more work faster.
  • You will not be successful if you cannot manage your workflows correctly by eleminating mundane elements.
Topology anatomy and ways to connect them quads and tris
Art portfolio sites:
Zbrush Tutorials
Rock, Brick Generators by AA (For Max 2010)

Great portfolio sites

Videogame Environment Artist –

Jon-Troy Nickel – Character Artist –

Naughty Dog Environment Artist –

343 Environment Modeler – Paul Pepera –

Gun and weapon artist – – Great Site Design and Layout.

Environment Artist –

College University Artist Rhyl Mayes –