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Plane Bakes with High to Low Poly Conventions

Did a very simplistic tutorial. Something that would show the benefits on how Normal maps works using a high poly to a low poly plane. Of course this was very begginers. I did learn that I should keep tutorials to 15 minutes, max 30 or break it up. This tutorial should have probably be broken into two sections, one in creating the High poly objects and another one in bring it in Substance. I would like to do more Intermediate tutorials but for the time being I am happy to stick to Begginers tutorials with an air or making more Intermediate in the near future. Feel free to write any comments for sugestions on how to make better tutorials.
Published on: 14 December 2018
Posted by: Paco Casares

More Work in Progress Shots

So I just realized, although I have been pretty busy with freelancing work, I am barely posting the stuff I am doing lately. I wonder why? well to be honest, maybe it is not crazy exciting work? Or I do not feel like entitled to show? or maybe it is not good enough to show? But I would like to change this. I have a website that I am pretty proud of. And I would like to use the Sketchbook Book to show exactly that. Work in Progress shots that are simply ordinary and simple work. Does not have to be mona lisa. But I would still like to show that I am active and doing a bunch of stuff.

Projects I have been working for Plattar: make a Product showcase for an Olive Oil with a cooking recipe animation in Augmented Reality, and an Engineering company doing some animated infographics.
I have also been working for Phoria, making a before/after scenario for a gallery in construction in Abbotsford Convent.

I converted scan dense complicated data into Low poly to use for Mobile and then created a variation on what it would look life after it has been repaired and use for functions and Galleries.

In the meantime I have also been making a world map view of the convent to complement with the Laundry, an art style is still in need to be set for the map view.

I might show some work in progress shots for the other projects I have worked for. Keep tuned!

Published on: 18 April 2018
Posted by: Paco Casares

Retreat FEB 2018

Wanted to give a bump on talking a bit more about what Paco has been going through in the past four or so months.

I have been incredibly busy all for the right reasons! And I wanted to give a summary of different things that I have been working lately:

Since coming back from Spain in 2017 I…

  • Did render compositions for Library State of Victoria
  • Did a VR Road environment for Vic Roads
  • Worked on a VR Interactive Documentary called: A thin black line
  • Worked in an AR project for a Foam and Shaving company
  • Did a fantastic 4 week project making a Xmas AR experience for City of Melbourne
  • Worked on an VR project for A shoe store in Paris
  • Did two experimental AR projects for HM Group
  • Did a virtual table set for Provincial and Plattar
  • Doing an AR Architecture app for Crown Casino
  • And while in between I have done a Game Jam and also worked on my side project with my team on Time Frame

So I must say it has been a beautiful year and I hope I can give out more updates to keep you up to date.

Published on: 20 February 2018
Posted by: Paco Casares