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Work updates

While I am enjoying the gorgeous and fun adventures in Spain, I have done some more modeling stuff. The first image is a set of taps low poly game ready. These have Spec, Normals and Diffusion with AO baked on. Triangles on image.
Next is a open diorama apartment, I hope I can use this bugger here to display the furniture pieces. I would really like to put this scene in sketchfab so I can show my modeling skills and techniques. Last, its another platforming rock, I am prepping up a University Project, and beautifying it so I can show case my modeling skills. Its looking amazing, but, I do not want to put screenshots until, well, until I have done most of the improvements. I am focusing and redoing most of the rocks, plants and environmental pieces. Over and out ūüėČ






Published on: 11 August 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares

Zbrush new Zremesher!

So, when you just think how amazing and good Zbrush is with all its whistles and bells, they just get better!
I have been playing around with its new 4R6 feature: Zremesher, its the new Qremesher, but improved vastly.

I have been studying out-doors at rocks, and rocks can be quiet hard to make. So I have been doing these rocks here, and used them to experiment Zremesher.

I wanted to polish the platforms made by Estelle at the university project (brave bones), and use this opportunity to learn to do rocks.

I have been wanting to expose Basel bones for a while, and I will when I take the game assets in the project and I give it a new brush polish.

An early version of the rock sculpt.

An early version of the rock sculpt.


After reviewing the earlier sculpt, a more rocky defined sculpt with emphasis on platforming design.

After reviewing the earlier sculpt, a more rocky defined sculpt with emphasis on platforming design.

After the sculpt, I did some Zremeshing experiments. However, when doing remeshing several times, I found the final shape does change a little bit, so I did divide the mesh again, and did some projection so put the low div nearer to its high mesh.

Zremesher with 1368 triangles. Too many for an static platform?

Zremesher with 1368 triangles. Too many for an static platform?

The conversion from high poly to having a re meshed platform was fantastic, but after posting this on a FB page ( Lunchcrunch) a good fellow recommend it me to use decimation master, and how boy I was pleased with the results. I have only experimented with decimation master, but again, it made my job from great to even greater but making it 20% of its zremeshed topology.

A wooping diference, from 1368 to 264 triangles. If you ask me, they look pretty similar in shape.

A wooping diference, from 1368 to 264 triangles. If you ask me, they look pretty similar in shape.

If going back, I would maybe make the shape 512 or so triangles instead of 264, but, in a world where we have to constantly look for ways to making assets cheaper to run. It makes more sense to have more assets to cover the triangulation with smaller assets (put some rocks or grass on top) to hide the triangulated mesh. That has a small cull, so it fades away after the camera being 20 metres or so away from the camera.

Asset Textured

Asset Textured

Textured and placed in Unity with Difusion, Normals and Specularity. All done using dDo. An Amazing Photoshop plugging used for High to Low Poly texturing.

With all these self discovering techniques, I have also been learning UV Layout, a program that makes UVS prety good and pretty fast! With dDo, UVLayout and now Zremesher, I am willing to focus more time on the sculpt and the shape of the object. And to make assets faster!


A list too big?

A list too big?

With the massive amount of platforms I want to make, does it seem illogical to do it this way? Yes at first. I was thinking: wow, I got to retopologize, do the uvs and texture by hand? for each of the assets? If I have learned the bad way in the last few weeks, its the following. An asset when made, most people will look at it for just 0.3 to 3 seconds. At times just 5 or 10 seconds if they are artists them selves. Is it worth spending more than 3-4 hours for a single asset? depends on the importance in the game or environment, and depends of its purpose. Now with dDo I can save a preset, and I press a button, textures done. With Zremesher and decimation master, press a button, Done. And with Uv Layout, its like a puzzle origami game. Pick edges, drop, and expand. I can focus on the art looking like art. And I can focus on giving the assets its actual purpose!

For some more reading, check out what I mean by reading this Naughty Dog article





Published on: 17 July 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares

Crates, Sofas and more

While I am having a very chilaxing holiday in Spain, I am not wasting my time without learning some fresh stuff ūüôā

I have done a crate for experimenting workflow (and I must say, workflow in game assets its everything haha, there is like 5 software’s that I am becoming adjusted in using!)

In all this workflow, I have also had a play around with a new software welcome: UVLayout.  And its great! I recomend it in a heartbeat. Making UVs becomes really visual.


Published on: 9 July 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares

Bridge Plaza of Goats

A post to show concept of the Escape Challenge
Its a bridge to a part of the castle, its very wide however, and it has these pillars that come from the sides (and underneath the bridge)
Also, coming suspended from underneath they are these lamps.
On the sides and centre of the bridge, the posing goats all sleep until the boy passes by them with something taken away from the Towers of Kozei.
This is an exterior environment, but it features a lot of interior possibilities as it can have balcony like features. At the entrance the scale of the boy is shown in purple.



Published on: 28 March 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares

Verold Upload test

I have been mocking around with Verold, and I am convinced to use this to upload 3d works in real time!

Also, in the time being I have been updating the site as it still has a terrible “work in contruction” feel, specially the works section.

However, I am working on it! Today I have created the page that showcases the work I did for God of Blunder.

I was not happy with how my works was being displayed, so I have changed the thumbnail sizes and the way works are displayed, instead of a small box as a big banner on top of all the other thumbnails.

Back to Verold! Its certainly worth to check out the site if you have 2 or 3 interesting assets to showcase.


Press the following numbers for the following options!
1- Lit, 2- Unlit, 3- Normals, 4- Wireframe, 5- Wireframe Mesh, 6- UV Layout
Next, what Verold needs is a move lights function, or it has already and I am not aware of it.

Published on: 28 February 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares

dDo and Toolbag Test



In the last two days I had a play with dDo and nDo2. I must say I am very happy with what it can do! Its a very automatic process however, and many users suggest to use this as a base or just to learn how materials work.
I modelled a wall rock two weeks ago and I decided to experiment with dDo, I am very happy with the results. It automaticly places details depending on both the OS Normals, Normals and Occlusion and what kind of material is it, hence why dDo recommends highly to make a colour map, to mask the areas of different materials by using colour. By just using the OS Normals, Normals, and Occlusion it spit 4 maps automatic with the press of a button.

Here is where dDo can be checked out:

This video, even do its very long, its worth checking out, because it explains very carefully how dDo is used:

And last, a little screenshot using Marmoset Toolbag, another delight to check out!



And the Maps that it spit out! With a wireframe.




Published on: 26 February 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares

Lion Distracted. Sketch Post

I was testing some new brushes, learning up some techniques and tricks and bummer… I got distracted. I did a Lion Care Bear super hero of some sort.
The more you use zbrush, the more it rewards you. I checked this page. It has a great collection of brushes and mat caps, and it’s totally worth having a play with.
Certainly play with the Lucky Brush. There is another whole collection of brushes worth checking out in that ZIP file. Such a good treat.
Credits to all the respective brush and mat cap creators with this file.


Published on: 20 February 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares

New Brushes, and Links to Video Tutorials

I have played with Zbrush for the last couple of days. I thought that the idea of being constrained of just making things for a purpose failed at learning new possibilities with Zbrush, so I have dedicated today and yesterday in experimenting.


A mix between the known ZBrush UI and custom introduced brushes from both MAH and ORB.

I watched carefully ORB’s tutorial several times to learn to produce some of his brushes, and while I was observing in his video, I have also¬†fallen¬†in love with his interface.

After a bit of looking around, I also found that pointpusher uses a similar interface layout.
I followed this tutorial and made my own interface by looking screenshots. Now I can spend less time looking for buttons and playing with the menus.


Published on: 19 February 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares

Environment Sketchpost Feb 2013

I am currently following the Monthly Noob Challenge on Polycount. I am learning tricks here and there and I have learned a number of things!

I am building a environment portfolio and self teaching in 3ds max, UDK, zbrush and topogun, and a better workflow.

I wanted to upload images of work that I have done so far in the last 10 days.

My aim is to at least make high poly baked assets for games, at least the walls, floor and pillars by the end of this month.

Ideally is to also have the door, statues and plants/trunks inserted as well.

Production stages would be ideal! My plan is, if I do not finish this by the end of the month, currently I am learning new zbrush tricks and shortcuts to have a faster turnaround with assets.

Polycount Challenge.


Things that I have learned in the past two weeks:


Orb Custom Brushes РMaking interesting brushes to give details faster to objects

Vanity Tool for Photoshop РTo figure out sizes of probs and objects in concept art

Carapace Epic Tool РTo figure out perspective lines in drawings

Environment Sculpting – This is an amazing link to tutorials on how to sculpt environments.

Generic Wall Tutorial РI found this tutorial very helpful! and a very fast workflow to have high poly meshes done quickly.

And of course, this thread is pretty¬†useful¬†too as people are helping out a lot –¬†Polycount Challenge.



Vanity tool in photoshop is a godsend. It has helped me to figure out the sizes of walls and spaces with much bigger ease.


Early stage of the modular piece. I need to make more hard edges to give the stone a more rocky feel


Study, from concept to 3d


These walls are all part of one modular piece


Early stage of modular pieces


Setting modular pieces of UDK and Max units in multiples of 16 with 64 as a high standard


Trying out some new brushes. Here I have modeled this box within 3 minutes by using new freshly made brushes by Orb.


Figuring out what meshes to introduce to zbrush, to maintain a modular design workflow.


Published on: 15 February 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares

Web Changes

In the next week or so, some big changes are going to take place to the page, and it will have a strong under construction feel.
I want to have a shorter banner than before.
A simpler banner and a less detailed background (maybe even just a gradient or just dark grey).
An overhaul on what works to display, and how to display them.
Freshen up the works I have done. And display the works after pressing on the link in its own HTML 5 Page with full screen images.

Published on: 15 January 2013
Posted by: Paco Casares