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Lots of work and not enough play.

In the past weeks, I have been very busy from finishing the last assignments of university in the last semester of my course. Saving up to buy some new equipment and software to keep practising digital sculpting. And working with the team to make new areas and dungeons for God of Blunder.

What are my goals and my plans for the next few months? I do not know, I only know this however: I have a lot to do, and a time limit that I’d like to have it in reach and done. Currently I am working as a  waiter to save money to be able to afford to go on a small trip to Spain, upgrade hardware for my PC (32 or 64 gigs of Ram, a SS hard-drive would rock) and if things work well, and last but not least buy a Cintiq, as by many I have been told it increases productivity by a bunch.

Financial Goals aside, my Portfolio aim is to produce (and with this prove) move environmental work. I would like to upload sketches, ideas and drawings for the next game environments. I may produce 1 Interior cartoony fantasy  highly inspired by the game I am doing the background art for (God of Blunder) and another game environment, exterior, with realistic rocks, trees and the short, inspired by the university project assignment I was doing for Chad Chatterton. I kept the project away from the website because I wanted to give it a polish. I may however, instead of working on the project, it may end up being easier to pick a new exterior topic and smaller in scale to focus on just one image to replicate as a 3d environment.

Also, in the next months I have to work with the team Brontide to make more backgrounds for the Touch Point and Click Adventure Game for the Ipad: God of Blunder.
I am uploading this post to show that I am still around and I have great plans to upload fresh content when things start to kick! I may upload sketches and ideas for the Brontide Logo and concept art ideas from GoB.

Published on: 19 November 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

God of Blunder – Preview Shots 2

I have decided to show full screen of the kitchen as there is a lot missing from the cropped version. I also uploaded a work in progress shot of the Hallway.
My current workflow, to have an interesting and deep perspective feel. I very quickly solid object compose a room using 3d primitives, give some straight colours to some objects and then 3-4 dramatic lights to show where the main lights will show. Then after this I make an outline on top of the 3d Render, and then some detailing. This university project is due in 10 days! and the Hallway is the last background I am doing for the last presentation for university. I may upload another working version and then the finalised version of the Hallway.

Published on: 1 October 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

God of Blunder – Preview Shows

Some 2D Backgrounds I am doing for a game university project: God of Blunder: Ale in Asgard.
These are not full screened, they are cropped, you will need to play the game to see the screens full screen 🙂
We are five talented learning game developers, including two programmers, Darcy Rayner and Aaron Wong.
Producer and project manager, Estelle Tigani
Character Design and Animations, Sam Baldry.

We are exited about this project and we are most likely working this project outside university to release it on the ipad!
If the game goes ahead, I will need to make many more backgrounds, 20 to 30. So this will be my full time job!

Published on: 29 September 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

Bubble Popper

Bubble Popper

An old project that we did first year in RMIT University 2010! Bubble Popper.
Special thanks to everyone that worked in this Exertion game in Floyd’s class.
The video should explain enough 🙂

Daniel: Flash Programming
Luke & Nicholas: Technicians and Further Programming
Luke: Video Editting
Paco: Initial design and concept
Sev: Graphic and Web design preparation

Published on: 5 September 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares


If you have not downloaded this juicy and amazing 300 page PDF yet, you should, like now! Specially if you are into making 2d and 3d digital art 🙂
It contains amazing tutorials and how to do’s in many different department and areas, for free. Catch it before its too late!

Published on: 5 September 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

The Art of Journey

The Art of Journey

Hardcover Art Book Reveal! So tempted that I might buy it. This video explains why is Journey, Journey, what took to make it Journey. And it so does so well. It explains clearly what design choices they have conveyed to make the game from inception. They had a goal before they even knew what location was the game going to based on.

Published on: 31 August 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

New Favourite: Feng Zhu

New Favourite: Feng Zhu

I have seen some videos of him before, but I wanted to share his great blog and website. This guys has really good tutorials and suggestions. I could just listen to this guy all day long, he shares great deal of good knowledge. I also added this link in the Digital Artists, few with other new favourite guys.
Feng Zhu Design Blog

Published on: 28 August 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

Notes on creating a Demo Reel

I haven’t considered creating a demo reel until our teacher, Kate (Portfolio Curation) has shown some good and bad examples of what makes a great demo reel, and what makes it a bad demo reel.

Notes on making a Demo Reel

  • Should be 1 to 4 minutes long. Never more than 5 minutes. Its better if the demo reel is short, but sweet and interesting, than 5 minute long reel and its long and dragging.
  • Only show the strongest work. If you show anything that looks week, blunt, unbrushed, unfinished, unpolished: Its a gap of opportunity for the industry people to judge and tear your work apart. Any signs of weaknesses and people will put you down in a spotlight and rip you apart (and then laugh at you)
  • Show clearly what you are doing: Animation? Modelling? Environment? Character? Show it! There is no rounders in the industry. Your demo reel should be about your specialisation, and should show clearly within the first 10 seconds of your show reel.
  • Your Demo Reel should be able to stand it self with no music or sound. It should clearly show the message and be entertaining and/or interesting with out it. Must make sense without audio.
  • Show Variation: Showing the same thing over and over, or things that have already been done or seen shows a lack of creativity and imagination. If you have an ogre character, what is it going to have that stands out from every other ogre? or a dragon? or a fairy? do something that is fresh and different.
  • Make different Demo Show Reel’s if you have different fields you want to show. For example, if you are both good in Modeling and Animation, make two separate Reels so if employees are targeting anything in specific, they can aim your Demo Reel.
  • Clicked and being Clicked. What does it take to be notice? Look at the thumbnail, how does it read? Learn from you tube links why Videos look interesting and what other videos look uninteresting. What makes you want to click their video? Design your Demo Show Reel to a thumbnail point of view.
  • Wireframe and textures. You need to show your work. If you are going to have a Demo Show Reel that shows beautiful talented work, some people may want to know the grids and lines underneath of you work. How did you make it? sometimes showing how you made the work, while showing the work, gives more meaning to your future employee to hire  you.
  • Tittle, Proffesion and Contact Details in the beginning and end of the Reel to show who you are.
  • Last, but most important:  WOW Factor. It has to be so good that people just want to look at it, all the way thru it. It has to be so good that everyone wants to hire you. When someone looks at your Demo Reel and they say “wow” from both the professional and the regular casual person. You have done something right! Of course, it takes more than just making people say wow… What would it take for your work to say wow?

I am going to collect some good examples and bad examples of Video Reels (as part of my exercise) and also, to show you guys.

Demo Reel Examples
Good examples:
James Englehardt – 3D Environment

Animation Demo Reel – Art of Dae

James Benson – Animation Reel

 Ray Chase – Animation Reel

Erica Pinto – Character Animation


Published on: 25 July 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

Dota 2 Character Art Guide

“How to make Dota 2 Characters” Sheet
Valve takes an extra input at coming up with this PDF on how to make characters. What surprises me more, its that they are sharing around this great resource! Did we need to know? Its a great thanks to me the detail that they have gone into, from silhouette, colour, perspective to topology formation and gradient. Great work Valve. Its stuff like this that makes work being even more appreciated.
Dota 2 Character Art Guide

Character Color Key Examples

Colour examples in characters, Dota 2

Character Silhouette

Character Silhouettes from Dota 2

Geometry Best Practices

Geometry Best Practices

Published on: 4 July 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

Valve Making movies?

Valve Making movies?

Source Filmmaker

As making games was not enough, Valve seems to have a great talent for making the video Meet the Pyro But at the end of the clip, it shows a logo of something I have never unheard off!
Its time to suss it out. I want to know what the hell is this 😀 more game engines should certainly have this to take advantage of in game assets, why not?
I shall check it out once I have a moment 🙂

Source Filmmaker Shot

Published on: 28 June 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

Prometheus Concept Art

Prometheus was such a fresh experience, from the beautiful vistas from the very beginning, giving such a resemblance of Baraka, to a stranded and far away land, just like 2001 Space Odyssey.
I enjoyed this movie very much, and it was very calming to see such a movie that was so thoughtful in so many areas. What makes a movie like this stand out! They are a lot of things, but good storyboarding and concept art takes the cake!

If you look to the end of the Page, You shall fine a link to the download of these buggers in high def. Enjoy!
I must say, thank you very much Ridley Scott for that fantastic movie. I Seriously consider watching it again.


Also, for anyone that has seen the movie, some really good theories and thoughts from this guy!:

Published on: 12 June 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

Diablo III 2.5D Assets

Months ago I tried to explain to some friends the smart use of using 2.5 Assets while using an Isometric Camera, but I failed to explain carefully how this would work.

I am glad that a friend of mine actually found this link of GCD (Game Conference Development Talk) by Christian Lichtner.
The way that this works, is by using painted textures (or already prerendered) work, place it in planes, and connect the planes to give the paralax effect.

I may create an environment tech with this in mind (with having the camera set to a dimension)
Great advantages of using this, is giving a painterly feel to the environments while costing very low polygon count.
The disadvantage is however, its only suited for a particular camera angle or for assets that are at a distance or our of reach.
Another disadvantage also, more thought and more time on texture painting. Figuring out what works as a 2.5 asset.
After clicking the link, if you want to skip, click on The Game Canvas – 2.5 Geometry Trees

I do recommend watching the entire talk however 🙂

The Game Canvas

In this GDC Vault Talk, the Blizzard Artist carefully explains how art with high fidelity can be displayed using low triangulation. A way to remain art un-aged.

The Art of Diablo

Published on: 11 June 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares

The Hello World had to die

With the coming years I have created so many bad websites. It all started with when I was a young teenager, and all I wanted to do is make a website that flashes, and makes flare effects and zooming effects just like 2advance websites do. And I did just that. Websites with no real substance and flair. It took me to a great path however. With the passing years I kept on insisting into giving flash to my works, but in order to give good light to my effort the flash lights had to stop and twinkle, it was about making stars shine with the work I do. And so far yet, to reach to the stars it takes way more than just that.

Satelites Contact

For the real substance, flash is not enough, sometimes you need twinkles like stars, and sometimes that its not even enough.

I have attempted many times in creating a portfolio website to show my works, and I kept on failing because I always forgot the most important goal, to show my works and portfolio pieces. Instead I just kept making websites that are heavy, cluttered, flashy and unimportant.

This might be website I actually need to cater, a website that is simple, easy to navigate and straight to the point. To show my thoughts in writing and my progress with steps and studies. This is my first post and my first attempt in making a website that has thought carried within. A post to kill the “Hello World!” that wordpress has when you install it. In the next few days I am going to introduce some pages like my CV and About (thanks to Kane, my friend who corrected the bad English in it)


Kroative, my last portfolio website before, was a website that wrongly focused into being more of a website to show my coding skills than a portfolio website to show my works

With the time I will introduce the work I have been doing lately, mostly 2D and 3D works I have done at university and outside of uni. I want to focus on preparing good portfolio pieces and interesting works. Some will be based from university assignments, others from work I have been doing around, and lastly personal works id like to show.
My biggest goal in this semester break (last semester break from my university course) is to have a good Blog going on, and kick-start and post my work to show to everyone.

Anyway, you really dint have to read this as this is just a filler, and a way of saying that its time start to fill up my Blog with important and thoughtful material 🙂
Over and Out!
Note: I know my English is bad, but I will be sure to go over everything I write, and learn to write better English as I go along while writing my blog.

Published on: 1 June 2012
Posted by: Paco Casares